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That was pretty cool. I liked the graphics and animation. The actual "story" was ok, but the quality of it was cool. Make more animations in this style. And about getting your 17 mb video here, e-mail it to the staff, and if they like it, they'll post it.

Sorry... no.

This just wasn't funny. I couldn't finish watching it either. Now an episode like "Glass of Water" was really funny... but as time goes on, your movies just aren't funny anymore. I don't know that it's totally your fault, but the stories you write aren't funny. The first claymations you ever made were funny as hell. The only things that got better with time were the figures. That's all. Sorry. I still love your stuff, so try to make the next make me laugh, ok?

(I don't want to be a dick, but it's what I think, ok?)


Well, I'd watch episode 2 to compare it to this one. Start working on it now then! Let's see how much better you can get! Make it like Super Mario Bros Z (without stealing his story/animation style)!!



masterkoopa1015 responds:

Like i said before, I will do whatever I can to make my flashes better. :)

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I lol at misterninja15.

This game is great. To the guy below me, it was made in '07, when Obama was unknown, so why would he be in the game? I do think they should update it though. Political Duel 2 maybe? It was really fun.

Now to masterninja15, you're retarded lol. Kim Jong Il is from North Korea, not China. And they have real nuclear weapons; you know it.

But anyway, the game was great. I'd love to see a sequel in the future.

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What the fuck man, that was amazing. Randomness is awesome. I liked the pi part. Where did you get that song man??

Anyway, great game, 5/5, 10/10, favorited.


Best game I've played in a while. Either make a sequel, or, add more levels in future updates along with your survival mode. This was pure awesome. I've beaten it at least 7 times now.

I can't get enough bean man!


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How the hell is this FL core? Your raw talent scares me haha. You're too good sir.

You're good. I have my eyes/ears on you.

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This shows a lot of promise, it has a lot of cool sounds. The basses are really cool, and so is their rhythm, but ironically I don't hear any actual bass or sub bass (and don't say I need better speakers because I assure you my system produces bass haha). The snare has a cool texture too but could be a little punchier, I think. Overall, it's good work, and that intro you have is perfect, it just needs a harder drop to follow, in my opinion.


YakovlevArt responds:

Yeah man, I will work on adding sub but this track is stuck at this part right now, I have to work out a good intro and breakdown.
Thanks for the tip and review, much appreciated XD

I make drum & bass which I upload on www.soundcloud.com/1 shibumi. I don't submit (often) to NG anymore, but feel free to use whatever I have posted here. But you should know that I've gotten a lot better!

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